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Pathway to Prosperity Can Help You In EVERY Aspect Of Your Life


From feeling lonely and unappreciated to more connected and powerful relationships.


From huge amounts of debt to improving your finances and cash-flow.


From the struggles of sickness and sacrifice to increased energy and enthusiasm for life.

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From experiences of isolation to finding a group of forward-thinking like-minded people to connect with.


From uneventful plans and repetitive trips to an increased thirst for new experiences and curiosity of the world.


From rejection and poor performance to reaching new goals and achieving success.
"Having just completed my eleventh month of Pathway to Prosperity, I can confidently say that it has been the foundation for the rest of my learning with Paul. The insight that it has given me into the crazy workings of my mind has been incredible and just what I needed every month to give definition to my struggles, moments of fogginess and wavering levels of motivation. The Pathway to Prosperity topics uncannily came at just the moments in my journey when I needed them, as if Paul had been sat next to me the days prior gathering up all my challenges and formulating solutions just for me. Every time it challenged my thinking to get through them, over them or around them so that I could continue my journey more convincingly towards prosperity. It’s a real gem of a course and a great starting point in understanding Paul’s work".

Owner of Publicity Tree
Completed Pathway to Prosperity, June 2014
"Despite my demanding work-load running my own commercial law practice I committed to undertake both of Paul’s programmes throughout 2014. I can say without doubt that although it’s been a confronting journey it has been of priceless value. Not only have Paul’s courses given me new skills and new hope, I’ve got renewed enthusiasm and drive. I have more certainty, and the side benefit of the camaraderie of working with like-minded people who are taking the same journey. I’ve achieved a lot, already, but with what I have learned from Paul this is only the beginning".

Commercial Lawyer and Owner of Avatar Hacker
Completed Pathway to Prosperity, June 2014
"Pathway to Prosperity has been a fabulous course for me. The monthly sessions have targeted exactly what I needed to know and have been able to fast track me through important changes in both my business and personal life. I would recommend Pathway to Prosperity to anyone wishing to get ahead in life...quickly...and not just stay on the earn, spend, borrow treadmill. Paul is an incredible mentor and the aha moments just keep coming continually. He has a great knack of knowing exactly what I need to hear and inspiring me to take action. Knowing that he has been in the same position and I can now use his blueprint to get the freedom I want motivates me to keep my focus and keep learning".

Paleo Rescue
Completed Pathway to Prosperity, June 2014
"Before working with Paul, I was doing work that was physically demanding, rushed and low paid. The work environment was negative, unsupportive and generally unhappy. I had no money for travelling, or any socialising activities that involved extra costs. The small business that I was running on the side was barely making a profit. The mentoring I received from Paul Counsel helped me develop business partnerships that lead to increased income. He saved me massive amounts of time and energy going down paths that are unproductive or unsustainable. I now have my living expenses covered by small businesses that hire me for video marketing assistance. I’m paid to develop skills that are in demand and lead to greater income and opportunities. I’ve met and connected with other inspiring people who are working on growing their businesses, income, and life’s experiences in a positive way".

Videographer and Founder of Astute Digital Marketing
Completed Pathway to Prosperity, June 2014
Meet your mentor Paul Counsel

Paul CounselWealth Mentor and Educator, Paul Counsel, went from dead flat broke, at the age of 40, to millionaire in just 3.8 years...the same amount of time that it takes to get a university degree. A question Paul is often asked is "how he went from dead flat broke to millionaire in just a few short years". He answers by explaining some of the real estate and share market strategies he used and some of the entrepreneurial things he did in business...but the better question might be to ask “What were you doing with your mind before you started the journey that ended up in financial freedom?”.

When Paul started out, he knew he was trapped just as much as any other person by his inability to make more money. He knew he had to break this 'inability strangle hold' first before he could go on and become financially free. So Paul started off by rebuilding his psychological and emotional foundations from being someone without financial freedom to someone with financial freedom. As it turned out, this process amounted to 11 very specific steps.

In this program, Paul maticulously takes you through these exact 11 steps. They represent the building blocks that allowed Paul to successfully change his conditioning around money and gain financial independence.

If you're looking for a place to start, or if you're looking to rebuild your money foundations so that you can experience more lucrative results, then start where Paul started...Pathway To Prosperity.

Paul Counsel presenting
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